What to expect on a first date

by Julie Sinclair, 12/01/2023

Meeting someone for the first time can be scary! You just don't know what to expect, especially when seeing a professional companion. This is a mutual feeling on both sides, but here are some things I have learned that will help with this.
When filling out the booking form or after the screening is completed, you can write about yourself including interests, hobbies, what you do for work or how you spend your time, and what you hope to do or achieve during the appointment. Nothing explicit, but short and general details about who you are and what you are like. You can also ask questions about the appointment or about the provider.
Having some sort of online presence helps reassure the provider that you are a real person. Examples include LinkedIn, any company or university websites you may be on, articles mentioning your name. This is similar to how a provider's online presence reassures you that she is real.
When preparing to meet the provider, shower and dress in fresh clothes. Think of the setting you will meet the provider in, and make sure to blend in. Don't be overdressed for the situation, but don't be underdressed either.
Once meeting in person, remember that all that a provider expects is that you are kind, respectful, and clean. No need to be self conscious, the provider will help you get comfortable. Start with small talk about light topics, feel free to ask some questions to the provider, she can ask you questions about you. This is the time to get settled. Maybe get a glass of wine or order food if out in a restaurant.
And then... there you go. Everything rolls from there. Most of the hard work has been done before you meet the provider, and once you see her in person you will be reassured and comfortable.

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