I appreciate your interest in spending time with me.
The donation is for my time and company only. Anything that occurs outside of that is just a matter of mutual choice between two, consenting adults.
I reserve the right dismiss a session with those whom I believe to be under the influence of alcohol or other substances.


Same day booking has a fee of $200 on top of the deposit

For friends I have seen only:


I have a 25% deposit requirement, starting at $200
Same day booking fee is made to be able to arrange hosting and accommodate you comfortably.
** Same day booking fee is waived for friends I have seen before.
There are cancellation fees as well.

Cancellation fees are as follows to be considered for future booking:

Fly Me To You
4 hour booking minimum is required
+ plus the cost of airfare, hotel, and spending allowance
A 50% deposit is required to arrange a FMTY.

Before we meet

If we are meeting in a private setting, please leave your donation on the bathroom counter at the start of our booking.

If meeting in a social setting, please place the donation in a gift bag, greeting card envelope, or a book. Please do not hand it to me directly, and most importantly, please do not make me ask for it.

Last Updated: March 2, 2023

Slixa Sinsations
(c) Julie Sinclair